Welcome to Vitebsk Business Center

Vitebsk Business CenterVBC is a center of support to entrepreneurship in Vitebsk region established in 1994.
VBC is a center
of technology transfer since 2010.
Our organization is the leader of start-up movement of the region and is an accredited consultant of European Bank of Reconstruction and Development for marketing and business planning in Belarus.

Our mission is fostering entrepreneurship among the region’s population and in the country in general, promoting economic activity and attracting investment.
VBC was nominated as the best center of support to entrepreneurship in Belarus by the EU tender in 1995, and has also been a multiple winner of the "Best Entrepreneur of the Year" contests in Vitebsk region.

The Center’s main activities are:

business consultations and research, business-plans,
open and corporate trainings and seminars,
school for business enterprises,
strategic development for innovative growth of small and medium-sized enterprises of the region.

VBC also implements non-commercial projects funded by international donors, supporting and educating local entrepreneurs, innovators, women, youth, and others. The center has extensive experience of cooperation with business people, journalists and government.
Our team consists of 14 professionals who are leading practitioners of business and business education in the region.


VBC is open for international cooperation and is always ready to establish new partnerships under programs of transborder cooperation, European Neighborhood and beyond. You can contact us via:

e-mail: vitbiz@mail.ru

Portal into business - Vitinvest.by

Tel.: +375 212 35-99-42, + 375 29 713 83 94

Postal address: Pushkin st, 6, Suite 215
210026 Vitebsk


Director: Leonid Shur